War bunker is a simple website for the sale of various books, maps and illustrations. Owned and operated by Erik Hårberg throughthe webside Kystfort.com (German coastal fort in Norway) . Most people know the War bunker through Kystfort.com their forum pages.

The main focus of War bunker’s books, illustrations and maps from World War II with a focus on German units, coastal forts and And infrastructure.

The most popular item is by far the maps of costal positions in Norway. Although it is in Norwegian, this item is ordered by many abroad. Costal positions are self-explanatory and their name, radius, weapons etc. easy to understand. With the map you will get a translation of the most common content/legend.

There are 3 maps made (north,  south-Norway 1945  and the Polar area 1944)and you can order either the poster or the folded version (foldet to fit a A4 envelope). remember to select «extra postage». Its the item with the swedish/danish symbol, but I do send all over the world)

War bunker has in the years 2008-2014 delivered hundreds of maps those with an interest in war history. The website was modified in December 2012 and now has the opportunity to direct purchase via the familiar and secure service «PayPal». Direct Buy with Visa is now possible.

As this site is in Norwegian its probally hard to do any purchases, but many non-speaking norwegians have done so.

Here is a quick review on how to order (currently working on a english translation)

Go to the frontpage (home) and click the «KLIKK FOR NETTBUTIKK»  (the blue line)

Click on the product «KJØP» (buy)  . try first with the «extra postage» :)

Once selected you will see a light-green marker on the top. You can either select another or click on the «SE HANDLEKURV» to see your products.

Here you can click on the -(minus) or +(pluss) signs to add or take away. Remember to update your shoppingcart (Oppdater handlekurv).

If you are happy with your selection/s. Click on the «GÅ TIL KASSEN». (payments).

Select country (land). Stat/fylke.. just leave it on «norge.

Fornavn (first name)  Etternavn (last name)

Firma (just leave blank or use it for an extra adress line)

Poststed (your city) Postnummer (your zip code of town)

E-postadresse (your email)  Telefon (telephone..not importaint.. just enter some numbers)

On the top right side you can put down special instruction or message.

Click on «paypal» (shuld be selected) and Bestill (order)


If you have an PayPal account you can enter your email and your paypal password. If you do not have a paypal account click on the «har du ingen paypal-konto! (if you do not have a paypal account).

Here you can either pay with VISA or Matercard etc.  With all the data just click on the «betal» (pay) and I will get the message of the order.

Please contact me with any questions.

Erik Hårberg